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Austin Mahone is in the house at 106.1 KISS FM's Jingle Ball in Dallas, and he revealed on the red carpet that he'd love to collaborate with another Jingle Ball performer... Jason Derulo!

We really hope it happens, it would no doubt be a smash!

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In other Austin Mahone news, the star was also spotted backstage hanging in Selena Gomez's dressing room! It's not a surprise that they are friends... they're both from Texas after all! Or maybe something more is brewing? Hmmm...

Austin said Selena just called him when she was in LA and invited him to Disney with friends, and played coy about their relationship being anything more than friends. He also admitted Kendall Jenner is "pretty."

Mahone said that all the things fans throw on stage are collected, and he goes through them all with his mom at the end of his tours.