We're blowing out Nintendo Wii’s every hour on Wednesday just in time for Christmas! What would Christmas be without a Wii Christmas tree?

To win, just listen Wednesday for the cues to call sometime in each hour 10 am-6 pm, then start dialing like crazy! The numbers to call are (214) 787-1061 or (817) 787-1061.

The Wees down in Weeville, the tall and the wee, they loved Christmas, and their Wee Christmas Trees. But the Krinch up on Metroplex Mountain, he hated the Wees. With their "Whoops!" and their "Whees!" and the Wiis bought during sprees.

Oh how he hated the Wees' Wiis the most. They play all day, they drink and they boast. The bing-ing and boinging as they played with their Wiis, it was a sound no Krinch could help but displease.

So the Krinch, oh the Krinch, had an old Krinchy plan: he'd go down to Weeville, take their Wii games, from each Wee child, Wee woman and Wee man. Then he'd bring back the Wiis and he'd wrap them up nice, some in gold tinsel, some he'd wrap twice.

Then he'd call his friends Toby and Billy at that station called Kiss, he'd take his Krinch call, the guy's got a phone at his pool. Then Toby and Billy would regift the Wees' Wiis, giving them out to their fans, the trail back to the Krinch would be cold, oh my what a plan!

So listen to 106.1 and call in, you cheapskate. A free Wee Wii, why that would be great. And the Krinch on the hill, why this Christmas morning he'll sleep in, no sounds of "Whee!" from the Wee to cause that darn din.