The Internet exploded after the story of a little girl scarred by a pitbull attack was allegedly kicked out of a KFC restaurant after an employee said customers were offended by her injuries.

It may have all been a made-up story that resulted in the family bilking sympathetic people out of more than $135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries, sources said.

After an investigation of the possible KFC stores where the event was claimed to have occurred, no evidence could be found that the three-year-old girl or her grandmother ever even entered the stores.

Surveillance footage for the days and stores in question were examined, and the girl was no present in any of the video.

Store orders were also reviewed, and none of the receipts contained the items the girl and grandmother supposedly ordered.

The family maintains that the story is not a hoax.

After the story went viral, employees and managers at both KFC locations have reportedly faced death threats, had drinks thrown at them, and faced verbal harassment.

After the public outrage, more than $135,000 was raised through an online donation site to help with the girl's medical bills, including $30,000 from KFC.

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