The story follows two now historic men. The GM of the Brooklyn Dodgers Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) and the now hall of fame baseball player Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman). Two men who had dreams of money, fame and hopefully equality for a nation with a hidden turmoil. Remembered for breaking baseball's color line, this story focuses on the hard fought journey of an older man's dream and a younger man's reluctance that transforms into heroism.

Jackie becomes this hero as he shows the fortitude of a man with a larger cause. Turning the other cheek was never harder as droves of press, the public, the law and even other players screamed their disapproval and rage.

Absorbing this rage would not be possible for Jackie without his GM Rickey behind him. History remembers the men who stepped through the door, but not always the men who opened it first. Branch Rickey created the opportunity and had the dream that shook Baseball and a nation.

"42" is historic and entertaining with a great story and cast. The truth that arises from this film doesn't cause awkward moments and the down points, but definitely creates cheer for the high ones. The story does focus on Jackie and his struggles, but the surprise in the movie is the scope given to Ford's character Branch Rickey. He creates a surprisingly warm character and delivers a piece of history that should be remembered and celebrated.

Grade: B

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 1hr 28min

Movie Trailer:

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