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As a father of three little girls, Gru (Steve Carrell) has found his place. Kissing boo-boos and putting on "Princess" parties. His once evil regime toppled by unicorns and pigtails. Even his loyal Minions have changed occupations from scientific helpers to Birthday party entertainment.

In a career slump and needing some adult supervision of his own, Gru finds himself kidnapped by a league of heroes out to thwart Super Villains wherever they might be. He is shocked to discover that instead of handcuffs, they come open hand with a job offer. Find the hidden super villain before the world is once again put into jeopardy.

Built on the success of the first film, Despicable Me 2 delivers everything a child or child-at-heart might want. The laughs work for kids and adults alike with The Minions really coming into their own. In addition, Kristen Wiig as Lucy also brings in a fun facet for Gru and the girls to play with. So if you have an "Evil" smile trying to get out, then maybe Despicable Me 2 is the proper place to let it loose!

As a note: Watching this movie in 3D is the way to go!

Grade: B+
MPAA Rating: PG

Running time: 1hr 38mins.

Movie Trailer - Despicable Me 2

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