The good news: Ashton Kutcher has never been better on film.  The bad news: it’s more about the company, Apple, than the visionary who created it, the late Steve Jobs.

We never learn  much about Jobs other than he was an a-hole at times as a person and incredibly difficult to work with. We never learn the basics: what was he like as a child; how did he reconcile with the daughter he refused to recognize as his own (even after a DNA test) ; how he met his  wife , who apparently humanized him;  what he did with his life  when he was kicked out of his own company;  why the company hired him back; why he wore the same clothes each day.

We never see Steve Jobs’  struggles with  the pancreatic cancer that killed him. Or what inspired him to create the ipod, which revolutionized the music industry.  There’s a bare mention that he ate only fruit.  You’d think he avoided  other food just for that one meal!! Had I not read an article about him , I would never know from this film all this guy ever ate was fruit and seeds!

What an utterly frustrating  movie!!  The late Steve Jobs deserved  better. What a bitter irony: a visionary gets a biopic from  two men with no vision: first time screenwriter Matt Whiteley and  director Joshua Michael Stern.

1 star – and that’s for the acting.