Before Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) were best buds at Monsters Inc., they were less than friendly at Monsters University. A school made to train the best Scarers around. Mike got to the school because of hard work and determination, while Sully got by on his legacy and a natural ability to scare.

After an unfortunate accident, Mike and Sully are expelled from the scaring school. Angry at themselves and each other, they work to find a solution. Only the answer they come up with has "long shot" written all over it. Can they get past their differences and pull together as a group to prove they have what it takes to be Scarers.

After the flop that "Brave" was, I was somewhat unsure what Monsters University had in store for me. Thankfully I was surprised and reminded what great characters and what a special franchise Pixar had created with Monsters Inc. 
Great for kids and a good laugh for adults, Monsters University delivers a safe family fun time.

Grade: B
MPAA Rating: G

Running time: 1hr 42mins.

Movie Trailer - Monsters University

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