Mac and Kelly are the average couple with a newborn baby. After throwing themselves headfirst into parenthood, they discover it has destroyed everything but that shadow of who they once were when they were single. That is, until a reminder in the form of a College fraternity moves into the house next door. Now the question rises up; can the cool and hip mommy and daddy keep their street cred when music blasts and curfews are squashed?

More they want to? Befriending the frat seems like a done deal until the cool neighbors need to be the lame adults. Eventually the adults and Baby need to sleep, so when the police are called, the friendship is over, and the war has begun.

While the trailer for this movie feels very sophomoric, Neighbors also has a deeper side as parenthood and growing up get equal time. It actually threw me a little bit and ruined my personal pacing, but not in a totally horrible way. I enjoyed the extra relationship awkwardness as it was spiked with childish pranks and humor.

In the end, I did enjoy Neighbors. Though I'll admit some story lines and the full resolution were a bit weak. Luckily that can be paved over, especially if you're buying a ticket for Rogen’s awkward nature or Efron's killer Abs.

Grade: C+
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 1hr 37min

Movie Trailer - Neighbors

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