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Open the box and let your imagination run free, the Legos are here! A full world is created before your eyes as the toy we grew up with brings a positive and hilarious tale to the 3D big screen.

We follow Emmet (Chris Pratt), an everyday Lego construction guy that wants to be happy by following the manual. An easy proposition until he crosses paths with a rough and tumble builder by the name of WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks). She is in search of the one, the special one, that can save the world of Lego by giving back its imagination. Unfortunately, the key to overcoming evil's army, led by Lord Business (Will Ferrell), is stuck on the back of the very unimaginative Emmet.

With no other option, she rescues him and drags him to his destiny.

This movie is 100% positive and filled with messages and humor for the whole family. The best children’s movie of 2014 (so far) has arrived! Assembly and imagination is definitely required for this ages 4 - 100 adventure!

Grade: B+
MPAA Rating: PG

Running time: 1hr 35mins.

Movie Trailer - The LEGO Movie 3d

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