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From the days of yester-year to the IMAX screens of today, The Lone Ranger rides. This incarnation of the hero has a back story with a young John Reid (Armie Hammer) playing the good guy lawyer who believes in due process and the justice courts can provide. This way of life fits well into the big city atmosphere, but when applied to the deserts and dunes of the old west, it falls way short. Here the law is upheld by men with guns and is written on the backs of those unable to defend themselves.

His partner in this unplanned adventure is a Comanche Indian that goes by the name of Tonto (Johnny Depp). A true spiritual man at times and a lunatic every other moment of the day. They ride together to avenge unjust deaths and deliver a reckoning to those scavenging on the weak.

The plot to this movie is pretty straightforward and simplistic, become the man who can make a difference with a twist of revenge to keep things interesting. As a movie I was looking for something more immersive and much less campy. I’m unsure what the idea was for this film when it hit the drawing board, but it could have used another brain storming session. This film felt like it was made of compromises, none of which helped the overall product.

If you actually remember the original Lone Ranger, you may get a kick out of this. Everyone else who is looking for a movie that can stand on more than memories past and occasional gag humor might be better to rent this film on DVD.

Grade: C-
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running time: 2hr 29mins.

Movie Trailer - The Lone Ranger

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