UPDATE: We were contacted by Allison Dufty, the voiceover artist highlighted below. She asked us to remove this article, claiming that she is not the voice of Siri, and that the original article is deceptive.

However, the original article notes:

"Allison Dufty, a voice-over actress who has done many jobs for Nuance, who are willing to speak publicly about their work, those actors are few and far between. Ironclad [non-disclosure agreements] keep many actors from associating themselves with specific brands or products. Talent agents who have relationships with technology companies who do this work are often hush-hush, to maintain their competitive advantage. And in the absence of information, paranoia reigns supreme.

So, is Dufty really the voice of Siri but trying to stay out of the spotlight, or is she the victim of a misleading article? Watch the video below, hear her voice and decide for yourself.


Has the voice behind the iPhone's Siri been revealed?

Meet Allison Dufty, who sounds a lot like Siri, and has done work for a company that specializes in computerized text-to-speech applications:

Watch a piece below about how "computers" are being made to sound more human-like. The segment with Dufty begins at the 3:00 mark.

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