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(Yahoo!) - Justin Bieber may have rocked Poland on Monday night, but his antics since arriving back in the U.S. are really rocking the headlines.

The 19-year-old has a few days off in between shows on the European leg of his Believe Tour, and upon returning to his home in L.A., found himself in an altercation with a very angry neighbor.

So what was the neighbor upset about? Justin Bieber's security team tells "omg! Insider" that the neighbor came on Bieber's property screaming at him. "Supposedly it was about parties while Justin was away … could have been other issues," said the source.

omg! can confirm the "other issues" were really just one: how fast Bieber was driving around the neighborhood before the time of the incident.

"The guy who came up to Justin thought he was driving recklessly, so that's what got his neighbor really upset" a source tells omg!. "He also threw in the party issue, but it wasn't what he was mainly upset about."

Our source also claims that there "was no physical altercation" between Bieber and his neighbor, "just verbal."

The "Beauty and a Beat" singer is being investigated for battery, after the neighbor told cops Bieber made physical contact with him and threatened him.

Considering the teen heartthrob and his neighbor live in an extremely nice neighborhood, security cameras on one of the properties should clear up this "he said, he said" situation, right?


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