Some of these I did not know! Sweet! Oh and it is a little bit creepy that they track EVERYTHING we do. Oh well, here are 5 tricks to save your battery life!

1. CHANGE PUSH MAIL SETTING: Your phone is constantly communicating with your e mail to figure out if you have e mail and whats going on. Change it to check every 15 minutes instead of ALL THE TIME.

2. LOCATION SERVICES: Your phone tracks everywhere you go! (creepy, I know) You can limit it though, which will save battery life. Especially by turning OFF "location based ads" and "frequent locations".

3. DIAGNOSTICS AND USAGE: Go to SETTINGS, then GENERAL, then ABOUT and turn OFF the automatic stream of data that is sent to Apple. You can also limit "ad tracking" as well. That will help.

4. CLOSE OUT YOUR APS: If you have iOs 6, double tap home button until the icons wiggle (wiggle it, just a lil bit- sorry) then X them out. If you have iOs 7, double tap hom button and SWIPE the icons towards the top of your screen! There you go!

5. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF PNCE A WEEK: Power it down the right way, not just by letting battery run dead. I'm not sure what happens when you do this, but it makes all the little icons inside your phone happy again. Ahhh!


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