Like everyone else I'm guilty of doing it but I do agree is a distraction.  Here's part of story on the new law from


"Denton’s texting ban is similar to one adopted in Arlington in 2011 that prohibits drivers from using their cellphone or smartphone for something other than a phone call, specifically prohibiting the use of “a wireless communication device to send, read, or write a text message, view pictures or written text, whether transmitted by Internet or other electronic means, engage in gaming or any other use of the device, besides dialing telephone numbers or talking to another person, while operating a motor vehicle.”


The city’s new restrictions don’t change a statewide law that prohibits use of wireless devices while driving in a school zone. The new ordinance also doesn’t apply to people driving Interstate 35, I-35E, I-35W or their frontage and access roads, in part, because of signage.


Texas is one of just seven states without a ban on texting and driving. The state Legislature passed a ban in 2011, but Gov. Rick Perry vetoed it. Since then, a number of Texas cities have begun passing local bans."


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