A source leaked a super-picky list of demands Taylor Swift has for future boyfriends. Have you made a list of what you want in your partner? Check out Taylor's list and the cast's list:

  1. Career on the same level as hers
  2. Has to be leading-man hot
  3. Speaks two languages
  4. At least one sister (this will make him a better boyfriend)
  5. Good relationship with family, especially mom (but not a mama's boy)

...and the list goes on and on. Get more info on her list here.

Kellie Rasberry's list

List years ago:

  1. Over 6 feet tall
  2. Baptist
  3. No smoking
  4. Has more money

List now:

  1. Not an atheist
  2. Not a liberal

Big Al's list

  1. Be able to type
  2. Live within 10 minutes or be willing to relocate
  3. Not afraid to take a tequila shot in the morning
  4. Decent credit (just in case he needs her to co-sign something)

J-Si's list (before his wife Kinsey)

  1. No smoking
  2. Must like kids
  3. No cats
  4. Blonde hair
  5. No wallflowers

Jenna's list

  1. He likes me back


  1. Nice genes and jeans
  2. Must have a career (not just a job)
  3. Able to keep up with conversation
  4. Like animals