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Foodie Friday #2

An AMAZING burger, and it's right next to my house...  they dig out part of the bread in the top bun so you have more room for toppings.  Dugg Burger is YUM.
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Foodie Friday #1

OMG.  one of my FAVORITE THINGS EVER to eat... Lobster Mac at House of Blues.  Mmmm Mmmm GOOD!
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words of wisdom for the day :)

I only have one regret in life, #DJB, so now I try to live every day to the fullest!  Maybe one day I'll have a chance to do that ONE thing I missed out on...  #LifeGoals #NoRegrets...
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For your #TBT entertainment...

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It really does happen... I can't help it! LOL

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They're there to always make you smile, lift you up when you feel down, keep you grounded, and remind you how to smile.  Always remember to make time for them, you'll thank yourself later :)...
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Nothing says "adorable" like a rescued kitten!

Work just came to a screeching halt...  the KISS CREW rescued an abandoned kitten on the side of the road in Rowlett and brought it back to the station...  she is SO CUTE!!...
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summer nights

I'm glad it finally cooled off during the day, and that helps the nights too!  I caught a cool pic the other night...  wish it would stay this way longer! 
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Locust/ Cicadas in Texas

I call em Locust, but some call them Cicadas-  the things in the trees that make the creepy sound when it's 110* outside-  I found a shell outside and decided to google it just for fun -...
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sooo it's not just the swim team that's hawt... the dive team is too!!! HELLOOOO TEAM USA!  LOL
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