I'm not really athletic...  never did sports in school (but I love watching them!) haha  I was always scared I'd get hurt. Never had a broken bone, sooooo why try?!  ;)  But I'm all about getting dirty and being outside- and when I can mix my friends in there too... I love that!  So we did a 5k mud run for the 2nd time.  This year I decided I'd do better this year than last, so I started running every other day for about 30 min.  Even in the rain (pic below!) The mud run was a blast- we were covered in mud- and even after the race when some of us had cleaner faces than others- my BFF thought she should wipe mud all over my face.  lol goober... it was an absolute blast and we're talking about doing another soon! eek!  guess I need to run more! (my legs are sore today!!)  I <3 my friends! (Below is Lauren, Christan, Ester, Megan, Me and Dee Anna)