We went on Vaca to NYC for a week- and even took the train down to DC for a day!  I had a blast- but am now super broke!  I did about every touristy thing I could think of...  Statue of Liberty, the ICE bar, Radio City Music Hall, watched street performers (way cool!), 9/11 memorial, Central Park, saw John Mayer in a special small concert at David Letterman's studio, had the BEST ice cream I've ever had at Serendipity, stopped by Wall Street, Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, saw the Lion King on Broadway, went to a Yankees game- (it was free hat night- I know it's not a Rangers hat, but my grandfather was a huge Rangers and Yankee fan so I had to wear it for him ;) 
and in DC we got a private tour of the Capitol, Supreme Court and Library of Congress, went by the White House but because of some security breach we could only get close enought to see it faaaaar in the distance (see photo below) there was literally a cop standing next to me making sure I didn't take one step closer in that field.  LMAO and of course, had to stop by some monuments and Arlington National.  It was a FULL week but I loved every bit! and got to spend it with my favorite person in the world (my kiddo) and our exchange student from Germany.  Here's just a few of my favorite pics below!  :)  (DSAVE45)