Meghan Markle Wore A Pasta Necklace For The Cutest Reason

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first royal tour as a married couple has taught us anything, it's that these two are going to be amazing parents. From meeting an adorable little boy in Dubbo to talking about baby names, these parents-to-be are clearly ready to welcome their own little royal baby in the spring. This wasn't more clear than when Meghan was seen wearing a pasta necklace to her engagements. Why would the Duchess of Sussex be wearing a DIY necklace, you ask? Because she met an adorable little boy who gave it to her, of course!

Rohan Smith, Senior reporter for, shared a photo of a little boy named Gavin holding up a handmade sign and necklace on Twitter. "Gavin woke up 'with a cough' so had to stay home from school today," he shared. "He whipped together a necklace for Meghan, painted it gold and hopes to give it to her soon."


Not long after this tweet was posted, Meghan was photographed wearing the necklace Gavin made for her. (Great choice on the gold paint choice, Gavin! It really pulls together Meghan's whole look.) 

Meghan continued to wear the necklace for the rest of the day, which is seriously just the best. She's truly Duchess goals. 

Photo: Getty / via Rohan Smith


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