Bride-To-Be's 'Aggressive' 2-Page Save-The-Date Sure To Get Many To RSVP No

A lot of time, effort and preparation goes into planning a wedding so the bride and groom usually want to make sure everyone they invite is able to be there for it all. Some time before sending out the formal invitation, many choose to mail their guests a save the date card. Typically it's just a small note alerting everyone to happy couple's big day so guests can block it off on their calendars, however what one couple did has the internet talking

The bride-to-be sent out a save the date that didn't even include a date to save, which is all the more astounding considering it was a whopping two pages long. Photos of the mailing made their way to a now-closed Facebook group dedicated to wedding-shaming and it's been spreading ever since.  

The letter narrows down the time of the wedding to late November or early December of this year, and it also includes a list for all invitees of "things to keep in mind" before they decide if they will attend or not. The bride writes how their event will be held overseas in an Asian country, possibly the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam, but they haven't decided on that yet. What they do know is that it won't be cheap. 

The bride explains that guests will need between $4000 and $5000 to cover all the expenses associated with the trip and suggests that they "start saving [their] pennies." The save the date also recommends guests take "at least two weeks off" because "one week is too short." 

The note ends by telling everyone that once the bride and groom get a better idea of how many people plan to make the journey to attend, they'll find a venue and send out an invitation with all the specifics in it. 

Plenty of comments on post blasted the bride, calling the save the date "aggressive," with one person writing, "She might not even need a venue after those save the dates, as it might just be her and the hubby." However, there were just as many people who defended the bride:

No word on how many people got the save the date, or how many plan to attend. 

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