Smith Family Gets Medical Results On Red Table Talk— Someone Has A Parasite

The Smith family laid it all out on the table — the "Red Table" that is — as they received the results from their previous "emergency meeting" episode, where they discussed their health, previous health scares, and took an in-depth health test.

While most of the family was A-okay — everyone had their mild issues like low B12, low iron, etc... — the Smith matriarch, Jada Pinkett Smith, received some unsettling news.

After Will was told he's biologically 35-years-old despite being 50-years-old, the doctor turned his attention to Jada, first setting the scene by discussing her "sensitive stomach."

"You got a sensitive stomach, you're always talking about it. You're tired," he began. "We found something that's causing a lot of your stomach issues. It's something that affects about 8% of the population, which is a parasite."

Willow then had a mild freak out, saying that when she hears the word parasite she thinks of aliens.

"Mommy is as strong as Sigourney Weaver, it'll be fine," Will joked, referencing the classic alien film Alien, Sigourney starred in.

"It's called blastocystis," the doctor continued. "And it causes you to have irritable bowel, bloating, gas, poor digestion, not absorbing nutrients, and the good guys can't grow 'cause it kills all the good guys in your gut..."

Jaden then asked if it had serious symptoms, to which the doctor replied, "Like getting sick whenever you eat, having bloating, feeling sick every time you eat food? Yeah."

"Where did I get it from?" Jada asked.

"It's common," he explained. "It affects 8% of the population so almost every 1 out of 10 people have something."

A second doctor added, "You get it from contaminated water, food, and you guys are traveling all the time..."

Jada then accusatorially pointed at Will, who has an entire series documenting his travels with his family, jokingly blaming him for her getting a parasite.

"No more vacations for us," Jada's mom quipped.

The first doctor then clarified the second doctor's statement, explaining that Jada probably didn't get it while they were traveling since her parasite is more of a benign one. He went on to explain how she'll get rid of it, saying, "We're going to kill the parasite. We're going to give you an anti-parasite med, get you oregano, which helps. And then we're going to rebuild your gut with the right probiotics."

To see the rest of the family's results and Jada's reaction to her parasite news, check out the full episode below.

Photo: Getty Images