This Bakery Serves The Best Croissants In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Croissants are a timeless pastry that are loved by everyone. Perfectly flaky, delicious croissants make the best breakfast item paired with coffee, a lunchtime staple in lieu of sandwich bread, or a sweet treat after a meal.

Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of the best croissants in each state. The website states, "To help you find tasty croissants near you, we put together a list of the best place for a croissant in every state. From ones that utilize and embrace the traditional butter croissant recipe, to others that make their croissants walk a bit on the wild side, here are our top picks."

According to the list, the best croissants in Texas come from Croissant Brioche in Houston. The website explains what makes this bakery's croissants so special:

"Just steps away from the city's zoo and Museum District, Houston's Croissant Brioche serves up a mesmerizing menu chock full of delicious delicacies, including their flaky croissants. Pick one up before a walk around the city."

Check out the full list of places to get each state's best croissants on the Eat This, Not That! website.

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