This Is The Best Restaurant In Texas To Impress Your Date

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and people all over will be going on dates. If you're trying hard to impress your special someone, there's definitely a place in Texas to do just that.

LoveFOOD compiled a list of the best restaurants in each state to impress your date. The website states, "From romantic settings with breathtaking views to menus featuring some of the country's finest dishes, these US restaurants tick all the boxes. We've done the hard work and rounded up the most impressive restaurants in every state to help you spark a new romance or fall in love all over again."

According to the list, the best restaurant for impressing your date in Texas is The Laurel Tree in Utopia. The eatery is perched high in a 450-year-old tree and it's sure to make an impression! The website explains:

"Enjoy fairy-tale dining in a rustic treehouse at The Laurel Tree in Utopia, Uvalde County. It’s not just any treehouse, either, but a beautifully quaint dining room complete with antique furnishings perched in a 450-year-old oak tree. It's an intimate experience, too, with just one table sitting up to six people. Dishes are prepared by a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, with ingredients sourced from the garden and from local markets."

Check out the full list of the best restaurants in each state to impress your date on LoveFOOD's website.

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