Here Are Some Of Texas' Worst Driving Habits

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We all make mistakes when driving, but some people keep making the same bad driving choices over and over again.

Texans have a few bad driving habits that continuously show up day after day. Chron compiled a list of some of the worst driving habits in the Lone Star State.

Three-Lane Exit

We've all seen someone dart across three lanes to traffic to make a last-minute escape from the freeway. Whether drivers just aren't paying attention or they're making split decisions to switch up their routes, there are always those people who put their lives and the lives of others in danger just to make a quick exit. Next time just try taking the next exit.

Rage-Induced Chase Downs

Road rage is natural, and you've probably experienced it first-hand. Whether or not you were on the receiving end, road rage can be a scary thing, especially when it leads to a rage-induced chase down. Chasing after someone who cut you off or made you angry is never the right choice.

Zipper Merges

Bumper-to-bumper traffic often leads to people cutting in and out of cars and putting themselves and others in dangerous situations. Some choose to drive up the shoulder for miles until they reach an exit. We all get it... traffic is time-consuming and boring but be patient and safe next time you're on the highway.

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