INTERVIEW: Charlie Puth's Favorite Holiday Traditions

It's holiday time and with this joyous time of year comes the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour. Performing during several stops on this year's hottest holiday concert is none other than the talented Charlie Puth. Charlie joins an all-star lineup for this year's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour (performing at select dates) including Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Alessia Cara, Daya, and more. The tour kicks off on November 29th in Dallas, and makes stops in cities including San Jose/San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, finishing up in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale on December 18th.

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In honor of the holiday season, we recently caught up with Charlie in New York City where told us about his holiday traditions, one of his favorite gifts from a fan, and more during an exclusive interview. Check it out below:

Most Memorable Gift A Fan Has Given You:

"One of the craziest gifts that a fan has ever given me is [with] every picture that I've ever taken or put online, they came up to me one day at one of these meet and greets, actually at a Jingle Ball, they gave me a book of every picture that I've ever put online. It was like thousands and thousands, probably about 4,000 pages of pictures. They just went out on Google Image, and I was like, I don't even know how to accept this. It's amazing."

What Charlie Does During Christmas:

"October 1st, I have to put on Christmas music. I know that's so strange, but I get into the spirit very early. The Michael Bublé [Christmas] album's pretty much where it's at, with a peppermint latte, or the James Taylor Christmas album is pretty fantastic too."

And in case you were wondering, Michael Bublé and peppermint latte's aside, Charlie does also play the piano at Christmas (how could he not?!) "Whoever wants me to play the piano, I'm always playing the piano with Christmas music. Even at my church, I'll always just play at the organ too."

Charlie's 2016 Holiday Wish:

"For the world to kinda just refresh and just be very appreciative of everything that we have been blessed with."

Watch Charlie beatbox the entire 2016 Jingle Ball Tour lineup below!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

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