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10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit In Florida

I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan. It was freezing in the winters... 6 months of snow... When i got older I started saving up money and every year my friends and I would vacation in Florida. Now I'm on vacation every day!  

According to, these are the spots we all need to check out in this crazy state of ours. 

(Also I suggest checking out many of the beautiful places here in Jax... Hanna Park... Big Talbot Island... ect).

1. George Lighthouse, St. George Island, Fl

2. Sanibel Island, Fl

3. Ichetucknee Springs State Parks

4. Corkscrew Sanctuary

5. Bluespring State Park

6. Shelby Gardens, Sarasota, Fl

7. Walt Disney World In Orlando, Florida

8. Sawfish Bay Park, Jupiter Fl

9. Naples Pier, Naples, Fl

10. Baylake, Florida/Disney again... 

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