Minnie Car Service Begins This Month At Walt Disney World

It looks like an Uber-like service is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, but with a little more style. 

This month, Disney is launching a vehicle service with Minnie Mouse cars to take you wherever you want to go at the parks. 

Like other ride-sharing services, you can book from your phone. The cars, which are Chevrolet Traverses, seat 6 and come with 2 car seats. They also are priced at $20 each way. 

If you've ever stayed at Walt Disney World, you know they have a fantastic bus system. However, sometimes those buses don't go directly to where you need to go (like the Pioneer Dining Hall if you need to go to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review!)

This might take some stress out of your travel within the parks! Can't wait to try it when I'm there with my family in January! 

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