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We Celebrated Our 5 Year Anniversary Last Weekend

Omg, I spent so much money.

Sooo we're going to NYC this weekend to celebrate our already had 5 year anniversary. 


This weekend we went to Universal Orlando. It was actually super dope. The day went down like this:

- Woke up

- Drove to Publix, got my fiance flowers and champagne.

- Cooked breakfast

- Ate breakfast with Mimosas

- Took off for Orlando 

- Hit up Harry Potter World

- Stayed at Harry Potter World

- Thought about getting into a sensual relationship with Harry Potter World

- Got pumped for NYC via Jimmy Fallon's Race Through New York

- Hit up City Walk

- Got Dranks

- Ate at NBC 

- Sobered up with a YYYUUUUGEEEEEE Pretzel, along with incredibly delicious food that errrmeerrrgerrrrd had me shook

- Headed back to Jacksonville

Here's a photo of our crazy day: 


Love you

Later homie 

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