Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit NYC *I Loved It*

My fiance and I did a stupid amount of stuff over the weekend. I'm not about to bore you with random stuff we did, so instead, here's a list of dope stuff you can do

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit New York City

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Memorials/Museums
  3. Joe's Pizza
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Central Park
  6. Rockefeller Center
  7. Comedy Cellar
  8. Random bars (including Down The Hatch (close to the comedy cellar)
  9. Lavain Bakery 
  10. Times Square

Here's me posing for a bunch of candids aka Plandids.. Oh also some shots from my fiance!

We stayed in an Airbnb.. I suggest doing that when you visit NYC. You get your own space, and most of the time it's cheaper. Get a metro card and ball out all over the city.

Now, excuse me as I go cry about my bank account balance. 

K love you bye

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