I'm Moving On. Thank You For The Memories! *Not ClickBait.. Maybe*

If you read my post above ^^ you know I'm staying in Jax, just moving across the street! I've moved like 8 times in my life. Here are some things I've learned about moving. 

Top Ten Worst Things About Moving

  1. Buying random things like boxes, tape, furniture pads
  2. Renting a truck. Again spending money
  3. Physical pain. My body hurts
  4. Saying goodbye to your friends. Moving across the country multiple times, I've had to do this a lot. I miss them.
  5. Realizing you have a bunch of garbage you don't need
  6. Realizing you don't have a bunch of stuff you need for your new space
  7. After # 6; going to IKEA and blowing your paycheck on stuff you need but don't really need i.e. wall decor, chairs, more decor. 
  8. Animals getting used to your new space (sorry Cuddles & Tigger!)
  9. Not getting your mail right away
  10. Security deposits. Throwing down for your new apartment, then not getting what you thought you'd get back. 

If you need advice and little hacks and tricks to make your moving easier, don't ask me lmaooo. It's terrible each and every time. 

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