My Weekend in Duval Summed Up In Three Photos

What up! 

This weekend was actually super relaxing. I had extra time to reflect on life.

I started out on Friday. Getting super excited about my wedding. I dropped my fiance off at the airport. She went out to Denver to finalize wedding errands because we're saying our 'i do's' in the Rocky Mountains.

Then, on Saturday, I got sort of in my feelings. I get super nostalgic during the weekend. I looked back on my childhood and suddenly was outraged by the fact that Rocket Power got canceled.

The nostalgia continued into Sunday. My sister just had a kid, and my cousin is going through some emotional issues. After a long chat with him on Sunday, I wished I could be closer to home. I miss family & I left you with a sappy post. 

Thanks for checking out my weekend!! What'd you do? Hit up my dms and lemme know! My Instagram is drier than the Sahara Desert soooo i'll for sure see your message lol

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