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SwifTea: Surprise Song O' Clock Predictions for Wembley Stadium!

There were a lot of rumors surrounding the 100th Eras Tour show, and we got our answer! Taylor Swift herself let us that the Eras Tour will be coming to an end! We get into all of the happenings from Liverpool and Cardiff, including Taylor’s way of sneaking in some petty to the surprise song set!  

And as the Eras Tour heads into Wembley Stadium this weekend, the two teams made up of Nick Adams and Ana Szabo vs. Amy Nichols and Lacey Gee battle it out to see who can correctly guess which songs Taylor Swift will perform during Surprise Song O’ Clock set! Red Lips and Shake It Off Hips may not be the top performers or favorites right now, but will this simple Team Name change give them a better chance? Or will the Look At What You Made Me Duo continue to just barelyyyyyyy be in the lead?  

Plus we have a guest correspondent weigh in with their surprise song guesses!  

And we hear from our sweet listeners who share their thoughts after hearing the big announcement last weekend, and check SwifTok for the latest theories and happenings! Are you going to be posting for the virtual friendship beads?    

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