I played the lottery today...... no, not that one!

I played the lottery today......... nope, not that one!  The "Jury Duty" lottery game.  HA!  

So many friends text today asking what it was like because they had never been!  Really!?! OK, here is the short version...

You get a post card or letter in the mail, that says you MUST go or they will fine or arrest you.  So, I went! ;) #Adulting right there!

Mine said to go to the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney at 8:30am.  You are expected to look decent (don't have to be super dressed up, but like you were going to a nice dinner) 

There were about 200 of us.  They took our cards/letters we got in the mail and basically did roll call.  then we watched a video about 10min long that explained the process and how important it is.  Not only for the system itself, but if we are picked to serve on a jury for someone- even if it seems like a little thing- it could change the rest of their life!  SO no pressure. ;) 

Then we had a break for bathroom, etc  I went and got a HUGE cup of coffee.  bad decision, cause 10min later and 5 sips in they called us back into the room and no drinks allowed :(  

This is where the "lottery" game starts.  they shuffle the names and randomly called out 20 of them. I'm not it!

then break again.

then a LONG time later, back in and they called about 50 names!  Still not me.


Called back in, told that one court settled without a jury and we only had one left to go!

yep, break AGAIN.

Final time she comes in, we're all holding our breath.....  DISMISSED! 

Annnnnd that was my day. We were gone by lunch, but some had to stay all day, and depending on the case-  could need to go back tomorrow.  

It's not bad, not scary, they made it as fun and casual as they could for us...  but wasn't my day to be picked.  I have before, and it was a VERY interesting experience- but again, nothing to be nervous about! You walk away feeling like you did something good.  and it's #Adulting after all ;) 

I'm gonna go buy a Powerball ticket now and see if I get picked for that one! :) 



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