9 Signs Your BFF Is Your Soulmate

I can't pinpoint the moment my best friend became my best friend. Only now do I ask myself how I lived so long without her. Our friendship has withstood 1,000 miles and months apart, and we've only grown closer. We're inseparable; we're soulmates. Finding a soulmate isn't always about romance. You can find a soulmate in a friendship, too. Here are nine signs your BFF is actually your soulmate:

1. Her opinion matters more than anyone else's; even more than your family's, whose advice you take as a suggestion.

2. She knows you better than you know yourself. She knows your strengths and weaknesses. She knows what makes you happy and what makes you sad. She knows what you love about yourself and what you hate about yourself. She knows your biggest fears and greatest dreams. She just knows.

3. It's always been you two against the world. No one better understands your trials and triumphs like your BFF, and she takes on your highs and lows as her own. If you're going through it, she's going through it, too.

4. She's your go-to +1. The ritzy gala opening you're obligated to attend for work? She's in. Your weekly grocery run? She'll tag along. When your BFF is your sidekick to any concert, show or movie premiere, it's guaranteed to be fun.

5. You're comfortable in complete silence. Staring at the ceiling together is just as fun as staying up all night, sharing secrets.

6. Her family is your family. Her mom and dad ask where you are during a holiday or annual get-together spent apart. Now you have a second set of 'rents, siblings and extended family members who want to know 1. about your life and 2. where to mail your birthday money. Win.

7. You don't keep track of who owes who what. The number of times you've raided her closet (and makeup bag and food pantry and anything else you can get your hands on) is vast. What's hers is yours and vice versa, and that's the way you both like it. 

8. Accomplishments and successes don't mean as much when you're apart. "You know, in New York, I thought I had everything I wanted: money, celebrity, success. You know what I didn't have? Sunrise with my best friend." - Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill.

9. "Maybe we should just get married" is something you've both said at least once. You share an apartment, friends, a wardrobe and a pet-- you might as well be married, so why not make it official and reap the benefits of a civil union? It'll make the bickering more bearable.

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