7 Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

Here's 7 warning signs your significant other could be emotionally or physically involved with someone else.

1. Their phone suddenly becomes "off-limits." If your S.O. suddenly becomes overprotective of their devices (i.e. taking his/ her phone with them to the bathroom, keeping it out of your reach, etc.), it's a red flag, according to counselor Jonathan Bennett.

2. They unfriend you or delete their social media accounts. If your partner tells you they've deleted their Facebook and/ or Instagram accounts but a friend or acquaintance knows they haven't, your boo is definitely hiding something from you.

3. They're going on unexpected and unexplained trips. If your boyfriend/ girlfriend is usually a homebody who's been traveling a lot or working late and going out more, especially without mentioning they'll miss you while they're away, relationship expert Weena Cullins suggests they could be using their free time to cheat.

4. They accuse you of cheating. If your partner accuses you of cheating, it could be their way of justifying their actions. If they cheat or lie, they assume you are doing the same, explains relationship coach Jackie Viramontez.

5. Your sex life is lacking. If your S.O. brushes you off when you're trying to initiate sex, it could have something to do with someone else.

6. Their plans for the future don't include you. If your partner won't commit to taking you to a friend's wedding in a few months or bringing you home to their family's place for the holidays, it could be a sign they're cheating.

Someone flat-out tells you. If your friends tell you your significant other is cheating, they probably are.

Source: Insider; photo: Getty Images

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