Signs You're Too Comfortable In Your Life

Getting too comfortable is a no no. It makes you lazy and stagnant, and it keeps you from achieving your goals and dreams. Here's nine signs your life's too comfortable:

1. You don’t work hard for what you want. Doing the bare minimum is a sign you’re too comfortable.

2. Fear of changing anything. You stay where you are because at least you are an expert in these circles.

3. You feel restless. Even though you feel secure because you know what to say and do at home, at work, and in your relationships, there is a huge part of you that feels trapped. 

4. Complaining and rudeness. You’re constantly in a bad mood.

5. You can predict what happens. You just operate. With your eyes closed, you could predict every upcoming conversation, every question, every event, every moment.

6. People can predict you. You are no surprise. People know what you are going to wear, say, do, etc.

7. You have low expectations. For yourself, for the people around you, for the events of your life, for the things that will be accomplished that day.

8. You don’t believe in big things. It’s not that you don’t believe that they happen… you just don’t believe that they can happen for you.

9. You are unbothered. Nothing ruffles your feathers, nothing throws you off guard, nothing pisses you off. You just coast.

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