5 Ways To Be Smarter With Your Money

Here's a few finance hacks to help keep your bank account on track:

1. Don't spend what you don't make. If you don't make enough to pay for it, don't buy it. Credit cards are helpful when you need them, but they're tough to pay off.

2. Spread out your expenses. Do the best you can to space out your payments, i.e if you're a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, buy the bride-to-be a gift one month, pay for your dress the next month, and pay your travel expenses the next. 

3. Delete your credit card from apps. Having to stop and enter your card number before you complete your BiteSquad or UberEats order could sway you to not spend the money.

4. Use cash instead of cards. Start your week with a predetermined amount of cash. Once it's gone, it's gone.

5. Cut down on expenses. Manis, pedis, brunch, shopping sprees and trips to the salon cost a lot of money. Decide what's important and cut back where you can.

Source: My Domaine; photo: Getty Images

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