Dating Expert Shares 3 Tips To Make Yourself More Attractive

Dating expert Matthew Hussey of shared several tips with Business Insider on making yourself more attractive. Check 'em out:

1. Show off your unique pairings. If you have two qualities you don't usually find in the same person, show them off together. It makes you seem super interesting.

2. Invest in who invests in you. If someone is giving you their attention, give them the same amount of attention back. Oftentimes we invest in people who don't give us much in return. That's no good!

3. Build a rich life around your dating life. If you have great friends, an awesome job and a cool place to live, you won’t even be that upset if/ when a date doesn't work out. Plus, you'll seem super interesting to your partner because you're slayin' the life game.

SourceBusiness Insider; photo: Getty Images

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