9 Ways To Deal With Work Burnout

If you find yourself trashing your job, talking about work stress and dealing with physical and mental exhaustion, you're suffering from work burnout. Luckily, there are ways to work around it:

  1. Try to figure out why you're burnt out. The reason you're burnt out could be something you can change. If you can pinpoint the reason for your exhaustion, it might be worth a conversation with your boss.
  2. Stop doing nothing at home. Try to fill your free time with thing you like to do i.e. spending time with friends, taking up a hobby, etc. instead of vegging out at home.
  3. Do something relaxing every day. Whether it's drinking a cup of tea, taking some time to read or getting a massage, it's important to do something that relaxes you every day.
  4. Take some time off. If you can get away with it, go on vacation.
  5. Get more social. Having relationships and spending time with people makes you happier. Seriously. It's science.
  6. Have better mornings. Give yourself time to sit and drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
  7. Get more exercise. Exercise has physical and mental health benefits.
  8. Take your lunch break. Stop working through lunch. You need the break.
  9. Limit technology after work. Leave your work at work (if you can).

And remember, it’s just a job. Not even a job is worth your physical and mental well-being.


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