Sorry, But These Flirtatious Signs Actually Mean Your Crush Isn't Into You

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Here's several mistaken-for-flirtatious signs that actually show your crush isn't into you:

1. He/ she is playing too hard to get. If they're playing hard to get so much that they're not available, they're probably not that into you. Someone who is into you will make time for you.

2. They flirt with your friends. If your crush is flirting with your friends it's not because he/ she is trying to make you jealous-- it's because he/ she isn't into you.

3. They set you up with their friends. Someone who likes you does not want to see you hooking up with their BFF.

4. They neg you. Negging is when someone gives you a backhanded compliment to get your attention and invoke a response. For example, "You have great teeth, but did you know you have a little gap between the front two?" A person who likes you will give you real compliments — ones that don't make you feel bad about yourself or rile you up in order to get a response.

Source: Elite Daily; Getty Images

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