3 Reasons Your Boyfriend Shouldn't Be Your BFF

They say falling in love with your best friend is the best way to find your soulmate... or is it?

Here's a few reasons your boyfriend shouldn't be your BFF:

1. It's too much pressure. “To have your partner be your sole resource for friendship, support and love is just too much for any one person to possibly fulfill,” says  Isadora Alman, a relationship therapist in Alameda, California.

2. You'll become too comfortable, too quick. “You want to keep a relationship exciting and somewhat mysterious in order to avoid letting too much comfort and familiarity set in,” says Cosmo contributor Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex and couples therapist in New York City. “For example, I unfriended my wife on Facebook because I don’t need to know each little thing about her life on social media."

3. You'll lose your individuality. The trouble with your partner sharing the same social circle, friends and schedule as you do is that you can start to lose your individuality. As psychiatrist John Jacobs says, the most successful couples have a lot in common,  but they also “strike a balance between spending time together and apart."

TL; DR: don’t lose your girls because you found your guy.

SourceCosmopolitan; photo: Getty Images

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