The No. 1 Thing Most Likely To Destroy Your Relationship

A recent survey from Discover and found having differing future goals could wreck your relationship. 

More than one in four (26 percent) say differing future goals was the downfall of their romance, followed by arguments and strains from issues about kids (20 percent) and financial disagreements (18 percent).

Here's how you can avoid breaking up over finances and differing future goals:

1. Figure out each person's goals and the goals as a couple. Psychologist Erika Martinez advises writing the list down together, starting with what goals you agree on.

2. Make a list of the goals you disagree on an come up with compromises. If one of you wants to save $5,000 but the other wants to spend $5,000 on a vacation, a fair compromise might be to save $2,500 and take a trip with the other $2,500.

3. Once financial and life goals are set, you have to keep communicating them. You have to be willing to talk things out to make it work long-term.

Source: Moneyish; photo: Getty Images

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