Turn Offs For Millennials, According to Millennials

Scaring off a prospective partner is a problem as old as time — but it’s something that’s become increasingly easy to do in the world that millennials inhabit today. Here's 6 ways to drive a millennial away:

  1. Staying in constant communication. Texting, Facebook messaging, DM-ing and FaceTiming your crush multiple times a day is a surefire way to drive him/ her away. Give 'em some space.
  2. Asking where the relationship is going. Asking to DTR (define the relationship) too soon is a definite turnoff. Casually spend time together in the beginning. If things start to get serious, then ask where the relationship is going.
  3. Being high maintenance. Clinging to your partner (demanding most of his/ her time, staying in constant communication, etc.) will definitely damage a budding relationship. Understand your crush has other friends/ obligations, too, and respect that.
  4. Being glued to your phone. If you're constantly whipping out your phone to take IG pics, text your friends and check your Twitter feed, you're sure to push your crush away. When you're together, put your phone away.
  5. Going too fast too soon. Inviting your crush to your brother's best friend's wedding four months from now, asking him/ her to spend time with your family and talking about how many kids you want to have one day is a total turnoff, especially if you're just getting to know each other. Keep it casual, and take it slow.
  6. Social media stalking. Liking your crush's Facebook/ Instagram photos from back in 2013, constantly posting funny videos on his/ her Facebook wall and/ or tweeting @ him/ her almost daily will definitely scare him/ her away. Look but don't 'like.

Source: Hollywood Life; photo: Getty Images