9 Texting Habits That Can Lead To More Fights

Even if you and your partner are excellent communicators, it's easy to misunderstand each other via text, leading to arguments and misunderstanding that could have been avoided.

Pay attention to these 9 texting habits that can lead to fights with your significant other: 

  1. Sending one word replies. Avoid sending your boyfriend/ girlfriend one-word replies-- even if you're busy. He/ she may mistake your short text for a retort.
  2. Ignoring texts. One or two unanswered texts is fine, but if you regularly leave your significant other (or your friends!) on read, he/ she could get the wrong idea.
  3. Forgetting to proofread. No one has time to decode autocorrect fails. Avoid typos by giving your texts a once over before you send them.
  4. Using too much sarcasm. It’s hard to read (literally). Try to save the sarcastic remarks for in-person when your partner can hear that you're joking.
  5. Texting when you’re mad. Step away from your phone when you're angry!
  6. Checking in too often. Just because you can keep in constant contact with your doesn’t mean you should.
  7. Not paying attention to punctuation. Using too many periods or two few could quite literally send your boyfriend/ girlfriend the wrong message.
  8. Texting while you’re together. Don't text your significant other while you're with him/ her. It's lazy and rude.
  9. Having important convos via text. - Talk in-person as much as you can, especially when it comes to the important stuff.

SourceBustle; photo: Getty Images

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