$10 Says These Excuses Are Keeping You From Getting Into Yoga

Here's yoga instructor Alexis Novak's “skeptics guide to getting into yoga,” so you can stop making excuses and try it already.

Excuse #1: convenience

If your hectic life doesn’t allow you to head to the hot yoga studio across town, don’t stress. The fix is finding one close to home - even if it's at home.

Excuse #2: cost

Yoga classes can get expensive, but doing yoga doesn’t have to be. If affordability is holding you back, the fix is finding a donation-based class or a free one online. YouTube has tons of yoga classes to choose from i.e. Yoga with Adriene and Alexis Novak Yoga.

Excuse #3: injury or poor flexibility

When people tell Novak they’re bad at yoga because they can’t touch their toes, she tells them, “Not doing yoga because you aren't flexible is like not taking a bath because you are too dirty." The fix for flexibility is using props like yoga blocks, straps, chairs and pillows. She says they’re like training wheels, not crutches, so don’t feel bad using them.

Excuse #4: attitude

When you’re not in the right headspace, it’s hard to get into yoga. So the fix is taking time to mentally prepare and not getting stressed out if you can’t. “A yoga practice isn’t perfect every day,” Novak reminds us. “It’s never too late to begin again.”

Source: Byrdie; photo: Getty Images

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