6 Signs Your Partner Just Doesn't Get You

Strife and resentment in the relationship

One of our deepest human needs is to feel understood. But finding a partner who truly gets who you are isn't easy, and staying with someone who doesn't get you can leave you feeling disempowered. Here's six signs your partner just doesn't get you:

1. Your lifestyle choices clash. You and your partner won’t agree on everything, but you do want to see eye to eye on important lifestyle choices.

2. They frequently suggest activities you don't like. A partner who expects you to enjoy camping trips when you hate nature or  movies when you hate sitting still may not be paying attention to your  desires and preferences.

3. You hold back your opinion around them. If you don’t feel that your partner values your opinions or convictions  and is frequently disrespectful when you express them, they don't  recognize what is truly important to you.

4. They do things that bother you without realizing it. Your partner should have some idea of what gets on your nerves once you've been dating a while. If he/ she doesn't, then they don't understand you.

5. They don't listen. A partner who is always multitasking while you're talking, forgetting  things you say, interrupting you, or making things about them won't even  get the information necessary to understand you.

6. They minimize your problems. It's never OK to dismiss what someone's going through,  because even if the external problem seems small, your feelings are  not. A tendency to say things like "get over it" is a red flag, says Cole.

Source: Bustle; photo: Getty Images

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