Is Your Guy A Player? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

So you're dating a new guy, and he's the full package: well-spoken, good-looking and confident. The only problem is you have a sneaking suspicion Mr. Perfect might be hiding something… someone. Which might lead you to wonder: is he a player? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. When you ask him where he sees your relationship going. He...
    1. Says he's not looking for anything serious right now.
    2. Asks you to be his girlfriend.
  2. You're back from a weekend trip to Vegas. You ask him what he's been up to. He...
    1. Shrugs his shoulders and says, "Nothing much."
    2. Tells you exactly what went down Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  3. You catch him smiling at his phone from across the room. When you ask what he's looking at, he...
    1. Replies, "What are you talking about?"
    2. Shows you the photo his mom sent him of his childhood dog.
  4. You're out on a date when a group of girls walks by. He...
    1. Has a wandering eye.
    2. Only has eyes for you.
  5. You've caught him in a lie (even if it's a little one)...
    1. Too many times to count.
    2. Never.

Mostly 1s? He's a player. Mostly 2s? He's a keeper. Mix of 1s and 2s? Proceed with caution.

Source: Elite Daily; photo: Getty Images

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