A Piece Of Wood Fell From A Truck On I-394 And Hit My Windshield [PHOTOS]

I was driving westbound on I-394 Tuesday afternoon (9/26) when, suddenly, I saw a loose object (presumably a piece of wood from a truck) in my peripheral vision. The wood was shaped like a hexagonal prism, so it was rolling and bouncing at a high speed into oncoming traffic, and I was in its path.

I quickly weighed my options: swerve out of the way and risk a car accident; slam on my breaks and risk a car accident; or position my car so the wood would hit the passenger side of my windshield instead of the driver's side.

I chose the latter.

The impact sounded like a small explosion. Shards of glass fell onto my dashboard, trickling down to the floor. I immediately turned on my flashers and pulled over.

I was in a state of shock and (mostly) gratitude. I'm thankful I was paying attention (not texting, making a phone call or fidgeting with the stereo). And I'm thankful I acted quickly enough as to not put myself and/ or other drivers at risk of an accident or injury. I'm thankful it wasn't as bad as it looks.

TL; DR: Keep your eyes on the road. Always.

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