Love To Travel? These Jobs Pay You To Do It

If you love to travel, why not find a job that pays you to do it? Here's four jobs that practically pay you to sight-see:

  1. Travel agent. Yep, travel agents still exist, and their biggest job perk is free travel. As a travel agent, you can take familiarization trips where airlines, hotels and tour operators provide free transportation, accommodations and activities to educate TAs on travel trends.
  2. Flight attendant. The hours are long, but the schedules are usually flexible and the layovers can be amazing. The airline pays for the airfare and accommodations, too.
  3. Geologist. You usually work outside, sometimes in remote locations that require a lot of travel. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median income for geology jobs is close to $90,000 ($89,780).
  4. Teaching English. If you speak English as your first language, you can find a job teaching it abroad. The training isn’t long, and the work days average between four and six hours, which leaves you lots of time to explore your surroundings.

Source: Moneyish; photo: Getty Images