3 Signs Staying Friends With Your Ex Isn't A Good Idea

Couple fighting

If you and your boo have an amicable break up, you may decide to stay friends. And while it's a mature gesture, transitioning from a romantic relationship to a platonic one can be challenging. 

Here's several warning signs your newfound friendship with your ex just isn't worth it:

1. You're still having sex. Sex with an ex is different than friends with benefits because, odds are, you still have feelings for him/ her. If sleeping with your ex is keeping you from meeting potential new partners, you might want to reconsider the whole 'just friends' thing.

2. You're not dating, but you still make plans together. If you and your ex still meet up for brunch, go to concerts and watch movies together on a regular basis, it's like you're dating all over again. Which is fine, unless you're trying to find a new lover.

3. Someone is more into it than the other. It's common for one ex to hold out hope for reconciliation while the other thinks they've successfully moved on. If you're friends with your ex, make sure you're both honest about your feels so no one gets hurt again. 

Source: Hello Giggles; photo: Getty Images

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